Neal Cozart loaned the Association hard copies of these cruise books.  They were then scanned, edited and converted into compressed PDF files.  These are still large files - be patient.

Homeport Long Beach:

WestPac 1966-1968

Homeport Pearl Harbor:

WestPac 1975

WestPac 1977

Forward Deployed Yokosuka:

WestPac 1980

Cruise 1983-1984

Ironmen 1988

There is a very large on-line collection of U.S. Navy cruise books published between 1918 and 2009, two of which are from the REEVES.  You must suscribe to to access this collection.  If you are a subscriber, the search path to follow is:

From the Main Menu, select Search Military
Under Featured Data Collections, select View All In Card Catalog
Under Search Titles, enter "cruise books"
Click on result titled "U.S.Navy Cruise Books, 1918-2009
Under Browse This Collection, enter "USS Reeves DLG24" or USS Reeves CG24 from the drop down menu
A year range will appear.  Select "1968" or "1988" to retrieve the Far East Cruise 1966-1968 or Iron Men 88 cruise book

To quickly access this page, type the following into your browser:

USS Reeves DLG24 will bring a result of 1968
USS Reeves CG24 will bring a result of 1988
If you have a cruise book and would like to share it with the rest of us, contact me for shipping and return information. 

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