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Provided by John Pounder
July 1966 (Partial - Danang Anchorage, Original Page Images)

The following monthly deck log sets have been provided by Bill Kane (BT2, 1971-1974) at his own expense.  The original pdf pages have been recreated as individual jpg images and grouped by month.  Images probably can't be copied and printed.  If they can, please let us know so that we can tell shipmates how to do likewise.  Otherwise, contact the organization.

If you need copies of certain dates, email me at and I will send you the 8.5"x11" images.

These deck logs are obtained from the National Archives (NARA) and have been declassified from the Vietnam era.  As Tony Borba tells us, "I talked to my Advocate and she submitted a form to get some ship logs. I just got 60 pages from my tour in 1971. In our newsletter I understood the logs were classified... It cost me $51.00 for them. "


July 1971 (PMR Kauai to NSAR Tonkin Gulf, Originals)

August 1971 (NSAR Tonkin Gulf to Subic Bay, R.P., Originals)

September 1971 (Subic Bay, R.P., to Yankee Station, Tonkin Gulf, Originals)

October 1971 (Yankee Station, Tonkin Gulf, to NSAR Tonkin Gulf, Originals)

November 1971  (NSAR Tonkin Gulf to Yankee Station, Tonkin Gulf, Originals)

December 1971  (Yankee Station, Tonkin Gulf, to Pearl Harbor, Originals)

WESTPAC 1972-1973

October 1972 (Subic Bay, R.P., to MIDSAR, Tonkin Gulf, Originals)

October 1972  (Transcribed)

November 1972 (In the Gulf of Tonkin, Originals)

December 1972 (In the Gulf of Tonkin, Originals)

January 1973 (In the Gulf of Tonkin, Originals)

February 1973 (In Gulf of Tonkin, Originals)

March 1973 (Gulf of Tonkin to Pearl Harbor, Originals)

Note: There are some missing pages in a couple of the monthly deck logs. 
These are noted in the indexes and thumbnails.  They will be posted when received

1966 decklogs provide by John Pounder (1965-1968}
1971-1973 decklogs provided by Bill Kane (1971-1974).  Transcriptions by Bill Kane.
If you are interested in obtaining logs:

If you are looking to do some research yourself in these interesting records, please contact the Archives II Reference Section for logs that are more than 30 years old (before 1980) at:

Archives II Reference Section
Textual Archives Services Division
8601 Adelphi Rd.
College Park, MD 20740-6001
Phone: 301-837-3510

The series is “Logbooks of the U.S. Navy Ships and Stations, 1941-1978” (ARC Identifier 594258 / HMS Entry Number A1 118).  In your request, please include the ship name as well as the month and the year of the particular log you would like to request.

Navy deck logs from 1980 and later are still in the custody of the Navy.  The records are held by the Naval History and Heritage Command (NHHC) at the Washington Navy Yard. Requests can be sent to:

Naval Historical Center
Ships History Branch
805 Kidder Breese SE
Washington Navy Yard
Washington, DC 20374-3643.

We would recommend checking NHHC’s web page for more information before sending your request, particularly the two policy and procedures pages under the “More Information” section at the bottom of the home page. Veterans may submit a request for the deck log through the Veterans Administration. Alternatively requests may be submitted directly to NHHC. A request submitted directly to NHHC would be considered a general public FOIA request.


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