Current photography from members that were taken at reunions is being posted in albums for each provider.  Identification of crew members in photographs will be dependent upon the willingness of crew members to contact this website and provide the data.  Presently, they are presented as received - although some resizing was necessary to fit into the albums.

Photographs from the USS Reeves when she was still in the fleet will also be posted on this page.  Historic photographs that are not already on the U.S.S. Reeves (DLG/CG-24) Web Site will be made available here.

Please submit any photography to Webmaster.

Tom Bailey

Shipboard 1984-1987
Reunion 2006

Michael Barankowski


Jeff Brinkmeir

Reunion 2006

Charles Carroll

WestPac 66-67

Michael Carroll

Crossing 24 April 1981

Jerry Couch

Shipboard 1973
Shipboard 1974
Stateside 1975
Reunion 2006
2006 Reunion Video

Neal Cozart

Various Photos
Ian Hall Signed Drawing
Service Poster

Brian Donley

Westpac '93 & Decom

Nancy Elkins

2014 Reunion - Portland
Astoria River Trip
Group Photos
OMSI & The Oregon Trail
Pittcock Mansion
2014 Reunion - Portland Rose Gardens
Japanese Themed Grounds
Rose Blossoms
2014 Reunion - Evergreen Museum
Spruce Goose
VooDoo Doughnuts

2016 Reunion - San Antonio
Downtown San Antonio


Downtown Fredericksburg
Nimitz Museum
Pacific War Museum


Dennis Flynn

NTC San Diego Company 314

Shane Gilbert

2016 Reunion

Michael Lalancette

Various Photos
Photography Powerpoint File

Roy Lorentz

1971 -1973

Jerry Macner

Pearl Harbor Aerials

Guy Migliaccio

2006 Reunion Reception
2006 Reunion Banquet
Rocky Mountains 2006

Ben Reed

1977 Domain Crossing

Rich Sanderson

Launcher Photos
1970 - 1972

Chuck Sauls

1966 - 1968

Jack Stewart

Sydney Harbor

Michael Trebus

Beer Barge 1988
Miscellaneous 1988
Wog Day 1988

Bruce Underwood

Pearl & Equator Crossing 1977


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